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Greyson Update: 27.12.2011

posted May 27, 2016, 11:54 AM by Don Wolff
So, we got the bone scan done on Friday, which was interesting to say the least. You can see the photos, link is in the last posting/update. To date we have not heard back from the doctors officially, on what the results are. This is not terribly surprising considering it is the holiday season. Hopefully tomorrow will bring additional news.

Fortunately for us a great friend of our is also a gifted orthopedic surgeon. He has seen the images from the scan and noted that there is something going on in the lumbar region that needs to be dealt with. No specifics, no idea what the injury is, but there is something there. Doc has referred us to a spinal surgeon in Ashland and has helped us to get an appointment with him on Wednesday, January 4. Hopefully we will have a much clearer and precise understanding of what is going on and what path is in front of the Boy to get him right again. 

Thank you all for keeping Grey in your thoughts and prayers, I will continue to add information on the site as it comes to us.