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posted Jul 31, 2012, 10:51 AM by Don Wolff


Heart, is more than just having game
It’s me wanting it more than you
It’s me making my claim

Heart, divides the good from the great
It’s me working hard for it
It’s me making my fate

Heart, Is the countless hours on the tee
It’s me going the extra mile
It’s what separates you from me

Heart, Is me not stopping when you quit
It’s me having the drive
It’s me not giving up and throwing a fit

Heart, It’s me knowing I’m getting stronger
It’s me hitting the gym
It’s me knowing you can’t keep up much longer

Heart, It’s me doing the little things
It’s me making you work
It’s me making you bend over and work your knees

Heart, It’s me striking fear in you
It’s me working you overtime
It’s me making you break down out of the blue

Heart, It’s me beating you when it counts
It’s me with the killer instinct
It’s me sending you into your little pouts

That’s Heart.

-Greyson Wolff