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iPhone Jailbreak Apps

posted Jul 31, 2012, 10:38 AM by Don Wolff

Just upgraded to IOS 4 for my 3GS. Went well except I lost all of my Cydia apps in the process. So I am now in the process of getting those functions back. Phone is still jailbroken, thankyou pwnage team! Just need to get them back. So I am creating the list of apps I lost and am reinstalling so I have a quicker reference for myself for next. As there is always a next time!

  • Categories (folders and organization app) Using the built in folder system in IOS 4.0 and seems to be working well.
  • Winterboard (theme customization app)
  • five button dock (tweak to allow 5 buttons in the dock)
  •  MyWi (no Rock) allows Internet sharing and tethering **as of today MyWi blows up the phone. Need a new release of the app for IOS 4.0
  • Just installed MyWi 4.0 from Rock and all is well!